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What do your lips say about you?

Wednesday, May 25 2016

Since I was a little girl I have always been obsessed with makeup, none more so than lipstick! I mean that is the quintessential makeup item, right?! Who didn't want the dramatic Marilyn Monroe type pout? lol It wasn't until I got old enough to sneak makeup that I realized those bright red beauties were not every girl's best friend! The dang lipstick ended up all over my teeth and I looked more painted than pretty. I learned that the safest bet was a nice shimmery gloss in my teens. Shiny enough to draw the attention of those school age crushes, but not pigmented enough to make it looks like I had mouth full of pomegranate seeds. My lips were were all, "No fruit punch mouth over here!" Then I learned about lip liners and my world opened up! Let me get this straight: I can wear colors and the liner will help keep it in place so I don't resemble a 90 year old woman with lipstick slowly spreading into the cracks around my mouth!? YES!! But, alas I still feared the crazy reds... Too much of a chance of humiliation, until... Along came MATTE lipsticks & I knew I was finally home! A little liner a super dry matte lippie & it was on! For About An Hour... Until my lips started cracking and I resembled every crazy aunt in my family at once... NOOOOO! At this point my lips were saying, "What are you doing to me?!" LOL... THAT is why I love Avon's NEW Matte Lipcolors! They are infused with powder rather than finished with it so that they glide on smooth & just as highly pigmented as the bullet itself. And with it's super affordable price point, why wouldn't you invest in them for personal and/or professional use? What do you think your lips say about you or your client?

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